Tatiana and Olga 2010

Tatiana and Olga  2010

Sunday, March 17, 2013

" I really and truly did see her"!

Charlotte sees a fairy

One day in the autumn or winter succeeding Mrs Brontë's death, Charlotte came to her nurse wild and white with the excitement of having seen a fairy standing by Baby Anne's cradle.

When the two ran back to the nursery, Charlotte was flying on ahead and treading softly not to frighten the beautiful visitant away.

None was there besides the baby sleeping sweetly in the depths of her forenoon nap. Charlotte stood transfixed, her eyes wandered incredulously around the room

"But she was here just now" she insisted

" I really and truly did see her"!
and no argument or coaxing could shake her from the belief


When I read this antidote about  the young Charlotte Brontë seeing a fairy standing by  her sister Anne's cradle,  I could truly  see the fairy too and had to make a drawing!

 I saw the fairy give a bow  to a fellow elfin  creature  lol

It's characteristic Charlotte could not be persuaded  she was mistaken
about seeing  her fairy friend . She knew her own mind early on!

open a new window to see it in its true size


Of course  I'm also working on my latest Romanov painting of Nicholas and Alexis from 1916 . After a month , Nicholas's  tunic is finally making sense!

I never thought this one would take so  long...but one never knows!


  1. I'm always amazed at art made from pure imagination, this is wonderful!! Can't wait to see the Romanov painting too, how about some progress shots?! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Diane!

    In a flash I saw the fairy give a bow to Charlotte Brontë in my brain...so I just had to draw her, Charlotte and baby Anne!

    It's fun to see elfin creatures do things we would do, like give a bow. I enjoyed making Charlotte's expression both thrilled to bits and a bit fearful.

    Usually I would post a progress shot of the current painting, but I want this one to brust forth finished :)

    Thanks again!

  3. Wow. That is beautiful. How long did it take you?

  4. Hello bido!

    Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

    Your question is an excellent one considering how much I speak about the time it takes me to finish a painting! lol !

    While realistic painting is new to me, cartooning I have been doing since a very young

    This reminds me of a story.

    The story of a young Japanese apprentice in service to a ceramic master.

    One day a kiln was being loaded with vases. The young apprentice would hand the master a blank vase, the master would take his brush and in 2 seconds with a dab or so , he would decorate each one. It was then loaded into the kiln.

    After a day of this and many vases ,the apprentice said " Sir how can you charge such a great price for vases you have spent but two seconds on?"

    The master laughed and said " Indeed on each vase I spend 2 seconds,....plus 60 years "

    So my answer to the question of how long did the drawing take is 2 hours and 50 years :)

    Thanks again and that mohair hare is fabulous :)

  5. If anyone would be allowed to see fairies, it would be Charlotte! Such a sweet story and painting...makes me smile.
    I'm enjoying the Bronte conversation over at Geri's blog, it's nice to meet another Bronte lover.
    xo Jessica

    1. How nice for you to stop by!

      I had noticed your excellent comments on older posts on Geri's blog and I'm glad now to see new ones!

      Yes, what I love also is Charlotte could not be shaken from her story. What Charlotte is sure of, she is sure of ! lol.

      Thank you again, I'll look for you on Geri's blog!

  6. It is amazing that Bronte lovers all over the world can meet each other. I am also proud how much you two know about them. Before I started blogging I found myself a little bit alone in my love for the Brontes. But now, I really met 2 great admirers. It gives me such pleasure.

    Anne, what a beautiful painting of Charlotte seeing her fairy. I love to put it on my weblog. Do you agree about that?
    I love it because it is a very strong painting. I am sorry my English is not so good. It is hard to tell you what I think of it. Strong lines (love it), funny and sweet but not sentimental.

    I wonder, how is your writing? I am longing to know more about it. Can you find time for it?

    Love from Geri

  7. Geri!, I would be thrilled if you posted my painting of Charlotte seeing the fairy at Anne's cradle on your blog!

    Thank you !

    I certainly honor your great love for the Brontës as well .

    I think your blog is excellent , both for pondering their history and if one wants to keep up to date on current Brontës events .

    I'm writing my novel daily, laughing and crying as I go .
    I'm learning so much about that time in the Brontës history that I didn't know before!

    I don't go into detail about it on the web as I'm keeping much for the novel itself ...It will be some time in the writing yet, but it's going well :)

    I write Brontës during the day and paint Romanovs at night.


    Thank you for stopping by and for your work for the Brontës!

    Love from Anne

  8. Did you see your drawing is also mentioned on the http://bronteblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/saved-for-nation-and-in-french.html?

    Your book, is it going to be a real book or an E-book? I can imagine the pleasure it gives to you ( painting and writing!!!!!

    Love from Geri


    For some reason your comment didn't get posted here. I learned of it via a email notice...and am posting it now myself


    I would not have known of this notice by them . Thank you for alerting me!

    That's an amazing Brontë blog, but since I'm writing my book I find it a bit overwhelming and so don't usually go there.

    When one is producing a work of art , it's best to keep the view on one's own vision at least when actively doing it. But that blog is a Brontë feast!

    So thank you!

    I'm thrilled of course how Bronte fans like the drawing :)

    My aim is for my Brontë novel to be a real book. But it will be at least an ebook .

    Indeed. I'm in a good place creativity wise and am enjoying it ! .

    Thanks again Geri!

    Love from Anne