Tatiana and Olga 2010

Tatiana and Olga  2010

Sunday, March 17, 2013

" I really and truly did see her"!

Charlotte sees a fairy

One day in the autumn or winter succeeding Mrs Brontë's death, Charlotte came to her nurse wild and white with the excitement of having seen a fairy standing by Baby Anne's cradle.

When the two ran back to the nursery, Charlotte was flying on ahead and treading softly not to frighten the beautiful visitant away.

None was there besides the baby sleeping sweetly in the depths of her forenoon nap. Charlotte stood transfixed, her eyes wandered incredulously around the room

"But she was here just now" she insisted

" I really and truly did see her"!
and no argument or coaxing could shake her from the belief


When I read this antidote about  the young Charlotte Brontë seeing a fairy standing by  her sister Anne's cradle,  I could truly  see the fairy too and had to make a drawing!

 I saw the fairy give a bow  to a fellow elfin  creature  lol

It's characteristic Charlotte could not be persuaded  she was mistaken
about seeing  her fairy friend . She knew her own mind early on!

open a new window to see it in its true size


Of course  I'm also working on my latest Romanov painting of Nicholas and Alexis from 1916 . After a month , Nicholas's  tunic is finally making sense!

I never thought this one would take so  long...but one never knows!