Tatiana and Olga 2010

Tatiana and Olga  2010

Sunday, June 29, 2014

....that dim, quiet June Morning....

 Today, June 29th, 2014  marks the 160th anniversary of Charlotte's Brontë's marriage to
Arthur Bell Nicholls .  In a letter to her dear friend and school teacher, Miss Wooler, later that summer, written on  August 22 1854 , Charlotte mentioned the walk they took  down together  to the church on her wedding day

My dear Miss Wooler......

.....I really seem to have had scarcely a spare moment since that dim quiet June Morning when you,  E.Nussey and myself all walked down to Haworth Church---Not that I have been hurried or oppressed---but the fact is my times is not my own now ;Someone else wants a good portion of it .....

I have thought for awhile of doing a drawing of Charlotte , Miss Ellen and Miss Wooler  walking down the lane to the church.

Quite a moment indeed ....and a journey.   It was well Miss Wooler was there, as she had to give Charlotte away. I'm sure she did it admirably


Speaking of anniversaries, the 2 anniversary of my Nicholas and Alexis painting will be in a month ......and I actually think I'll finish around that  time! It's been an adventure


My Brontë novel goes on. Much  have been written , much is left to write . It's interesting how a    scene   I thought  was finished,  gains  a  new direction  because of something I wrote in another section  later ...a link is  formed  between and  I add it in.

 I looked around the web for novel organizational  tips  etc. and you know what? No software or advice can take  the place of work  lol... the best tip is : write , type  in , write... just keep pluging  away .  I find some of  the on line stuff takes one away from writing...and  the writing is always the most important thing .

Okay! Back to work!

Next post should be my painting of Nicholas and Alexis 1916!