Tatiana and Olga 2010

Tatiana and Olga  2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Alexei and Joy : painting update

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While my painting of the Tsarevich is far from finished, I thought I would post an in progress image. There is still much to do. But I just wrote to a Russia uniform expert to ask if Alexei Nikolaevich's great coat is the correct color before I proceed further. the Tsarevich is depicted with his beloved, spaniel, Joy. The painting is 18 inches, by 36 inches.

As always, painting Romanovs is both a challenge and greatly rewarding


  1. Anne -- somewhat off topic -- I think you're using the same basic blog template that I do. Have you had problems with people not being able to post comments?

    Back on topic -- you've got a tricky situation with Alexei because your canvas is twice as high as it is wide, but the original photo is not as tall.

  2. Have you had problems with people not being able to post comments?

    I don't get enough comments to know!lol! However yours was posted. Have people told you they aren't able to post?

    I'm filling that space with sky

  3. PS I find it takes three or even four clicks to post...and perhaps people think they are done clicking , but they aren't

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